The Story of Bear

Why do we have a puppy? Here is the story…. 7 a.m friday morning Pat and I put PJ. on a plane to Florida where he entered a drug rehab. program. PJ wanted go and was/is ready to face his demons. I returned home Friday mentally and physically exhausted. So happy that PJ will be in a safe environment for the next several months but also knowing I was going to miss him. Everyone in house had mixed emotions and I did feel an underlying sadness that I hoped would disappear over time. 

Ok the puppy….. Allison's friend Becca had been trying to get me to see her families latest litter of Beagle pups. I had said I may be interested in a female. She tex ted me Friday saying she had to work and she would bring a puppy over on Saturday to visit (or so I thought). Friday night Pat and I went to visit neighbors and have a glass of wine and basically just relax. I don't know what happened was it the wine, a stomach bug, or nerves but I started puking late friday and did not stop until the afternoon on Saturday. While I am upstairs dying Becca starts tex-ting I'm here, Do you wan to see the puppy, Oh I couldn't bring the female but I brought the male with the bad eye. 

I finally make it downstairs to the sofa. I got to meet the puppy. Yes he was cute, soft and cuddly. But it was still a male dog with a bad eye. Well as the evening progressed all the kids where engaging with this puppy. They where talking and laughing…well everyone but Pat who was feeling he was being ambushed….he was.

I finally realized the underlying sadness I had felt the day before was gone. All of a sudden realized this puppy intervention was planned. I turned and looked at Becca and said you have no intention of taking this dog home. She smiled and replied no it needs a good home. Poor Pat was somehow convinced to allow the puppy stay for at least one night. He won't admit to liking the puppy but he has been caught several times holding and kissing him.

So the puppy has been here two nights and now has a name….Bear. I am taking him to the vet today for his puppy check up and to see if we need to do anything for his eye.

When I spoke with one of PJ's nurses over the weekend I asked her to tell PJ that we had replaced him with a puppy. She laughed and said he will think that's funny.

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3 Responses to The Story of Bear

  1. Tears streaking my face right now. Powerful love and hope right there. Bear has found a loving family and PJ will return to one a very strong, humble, and all around awesome human being. He comes from good stock! God bless you all. PS- I miss you.

  2. Kelley says:

    So glad to know PJ is on the road back to himself – such a brave thing, taking that first step. My daughter laughingly says I replaced her with a kitten when she left for college (Trixie) – I deny it of course but I know deep down that Trixie helped me get thru that time a little bit easier. Enjoy the puppy and I wish PJ a speedy recovery!!

  3. mary lawrence says:

    what a great story and lucky puppy! I am so happy for your family, Susan. Tray has been sober for 3 years and although there are still issues and worries I am so proud of him for taking that huge step and maintaining his sobriety. It took a long time to get there. All the best to you and your family as your son makes the most important journey of his life. xoxo mary

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