Tired…that is the word to best describe how I feel entering this New Year 2013. Emotionally, physically, and mentally tired.

DSC_0060I checked the thesaurus for tired and here are my choice of words over fatiguedovertaxedoverworked;broken-downrun-downdebilitated,enfeebledsappedweakeneddrowsyheavylethargicsluggish

DSC_0060I keep reading blogs about people's word for the New Year. In some blogs people have said that a word has found them. 

I guess that the word that has found me is tired. I am thinking that is not a motivational word for the new year. Maybe I should pick a word that means the opposite of tired.

Near Antonyms freshrefreshedrejuvenatedrevitalizedactiveenergeticinvigorated


I will not bore you as I ponder my word selection Instead I will share this amusing text from my Mom today. We where discussing Downton Abbey. I mentioned how wonderful it would be if Pat brought me tea in the morning on a silver tray and you can read the rest.
Maybe my new year word should be dandelion?

Zoey,"Lucky what word are you picking?"

Lucky," I'm sorry I find this picking a word thing ridiculous."

Zoey,"Maybe you are ridiculous."

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One Response to Tired

  1. linda says:

    i will share the word with you…now, that’s word to your mama

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