Life has been busy

It has been busy couple days around here.Thursday Pat turned 50 and he had wonderful dinner at Volt and a neighborhood get together Friday night. This meant two cakes for the birthday boy.IMG_5427

IMG_5427Saturday was a beautiful fall day and I knew this would be the last day to appreciatethe beautiful fall foliage as Sandy was fast approaching.
IMG_5481Saturday evening was Homecoming. Both Megan and Justin had a great evening.

Sunday was spent preparing for Sandy. We had bring in to the garage all the lawn furniture and yard accessories. We also needed to stock up on essentials which included wine and the ingredients to make chili.

IMG_5427Monday morning dawned to the glorious news that school was cancelled and the not so glorious news that we had pantry moths. Pat and I spent the day cleaning and organizing the pantry. 
Today is yet another day of no school. Since the kids were acting a little crabby, Pat and I took a walk to check out the lake and the dam. Now I have built a fire and I plan to drink coffee and knit.

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One Response to Life has been busy

  1. Lorraine says:

    Pat’s Birthday celebrations sounded wonderful. Yay! And the walk you took looked glorious. The kids are the image of the two of you. Life looks good at the Greene’s!

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