Art before the Debate

Ok I admit to writing this post and trying to watch the debates at the same time. I apologize in advance for any errors. IMG_5347 Today the Blue Elephant where I have my studio had a model. I have not drawn a model in years. My first drawings where dreadful. So I grabbed a piece of watercolor paper primed with a red/orange gesso and used white, blue and black conte crayons. I was somewhat pleased with the outcome.
IMG_5347Since I had a good day at my studio I decided to clean up my home office/studio. When I started organizing I realized I was not responsible for the entire mess. What is this?
IMG_5351I am guessing the top of a good sock but why cut it off? I don't want to ask.
IMG_5351Instead of obsessing over the butchered sock I decided to play with texture.
IMG_5351 I am now going to pick up my knitting. I hope you all are enjoying the debates.

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