My Life

Have I really been away from this blog for 5 days? Wow does that mean I have been busy? I feel busy but I have no idea what I am accomplishing.

I have been making art and this is a part of what I am working on…

IMG_5237I have also been enjoying long walks and noticing the arrival of fall. I am amazed at the amount of acorns that have fallen.


This was the scene in my house today…

When I walked downstairs and looked at my family room I wondered what college dorm was I in? I guess the room is a little to clean for a college dorm. 

Lucky, "They didn't ask what movie I wanted to watch. I don't like what they picked."

The highlight of my day was I returned home from the chiropractor and opened the garage door and saw my refrigerator wide open. And no one was home. 

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