Painting & Drawing

IMG_5145I am so excited the ladder is gone. The house redo project is showing some progress.
IMG_5145Sadly there is still lots of trim to paint. Well sad for Pat because I am not allowed to paint trim.
IMG_5145Lucky, " Zoey, Zoey I am so excited Susan is drawing us again. Well I think it is us but she has given me a Pitbull nose."
IMG_5145Zoey,"Well you do have a Pitbull attitude."

IMG_5173Lucky, "What me have a Pit bull attitude? Oh I don't know what to say. You have turned into an old dog bully."

Zoey, " Really Lucky? 'Old dog bully' Where did that term come from? I am to tired to deal with you tonight."
Lucky, " Nice touch with the pink blanket. Do you realize its a drop cloth and you are probably covered in paint…ha…ha…ha."

Zoey, " What is that picture behind you? You now look like an anteater."


IMG_5164Lucky, "Enough Zoey you are mean and I am going to be an adult and ignore you."

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