Visit Pearl

DSC_0046Zoey, "Lucky Lucky where are you? Can please tell me whose dog this is? Is Susan moving?"
DSC_0046Lucky, "OMG Zoey relax. That is Tammy's house and her dog Peterson. Susan went down to White Stone, Virginia with Kris to visit Tammy. She tried to get a picture of them but this will have to do. Why some girls hate to be photographed is a mystery to me."



Zoey, "Who are they and why did they hate to be photographed?"

Lucky,"Oh don't worry about the photograph part. Susan and Tammy owned Artful Gatherings. Kris did massages, made oils etc. Hello, Remember?"

Zoey, "Ok I remember now. I was a little screered I thought Susan was trading us in for another dog."

Lucky, " If your memory doesn't improve she just might."

DSC_0046I had a wonderful time visiting these two. Tammy now has a great clothing shop in Kilmarnock named Pearl . I have a huge favor Please take a minute and click on her facebook page and like it.

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