Wallpaper is Gone

IMG_4776Lucky, " There is to much work going on around this house. Will everyone please sit down and watch the olympics because you are making me tired."
IMG_4776I am so excited the wallpaper is down. The walls are bare.
IMG_4776A huge shout out to this man who graciously climbed the ladder and finished this dreadful job.
Lucky, "Umm Pat did you know you could hire someone to take down wallpaper? Oh and FYI if you had hired someone your back would not be hurting. Truthfully dude life on the sofa is much more fun than life on a ladder" 

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One Response to Wallpaper is Gone

  1. linda says:

    i can’t even LOOK at that ladder! He went up it?? and took down wallpaper?? oy Pat! Bake that man a cake.

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