Home and Resting..


Megan is happy to be home.

She is will wear this hard cast for a week.


Can you see the mosquitos?


Zinnias are my favorite August summer flower.


I love the colors.

 I should know better than to start a blog after 8:00p.m. when I have been awake since 4:30a.am. (note: I am not a morning person!!). I am happy Megan is home and I pray her ankle will heal quickly. Hopefully tomorrow I will be brave to withstand the mosquitos and do some much needed yard work. Now I am off to watch the Olymics.

P.S. What is your/mine/our moral reponsibility to where we shop amd spend our money? Should we know where the company invests its profits? I was going to expand upon this topic but I my brain is to foggy to think clearly.

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3 Responses to Home and Resting..

  1. I am not about to investigate where my money goes after I spend it… There is not enough time in my life to worry about each and every purchase. That being said, if I become aware of a company blatantly spending money I spend at their establishment on outright hatred, well that is a different matter all together. I can’t in good conscious support man’s inhumanity to man.
    First they came for the Jews…

  2. Charlie says:

    I second Lorraine’s post. I feel as if this has turned into the introduction to Armageddon & I am crying as I type this which is somewhere around the fifth or sixth time today this whole thing has brought me to tears. I have had to de-friend people on Facebook whose excuses and apologies for such bigotry and hatred, when they know full well they are funding those who would criminalize my love as well as deny me my equality – and thus inculcating an atmosphere of hate which leads to epidemic of teen suicide and hate crimes like Matthew Shepard being tied to a fence and left to die – it is as if they are okay with being complicit in a death sentence being wished upon me. It is incomprehensible to me and fills me with such sorrow, I can barely function.

  3. linda says:

    I agree, the whole thing can get you wound up…I will defend someone’s right to speak…but not if it’s hateful. but then, in their minds’, are they speaking what they feel is rational & true – even though it is just pure hate? i had a discussion like this recently, and it was disturbing, even though we were both on the same page. talking to someone who is a hater of others, is like talking to chalk. they think they make sense, and you are part of the problem. it is scary and sickening. my father’s side of the family is Jewish, and my grandmother bore a tattoo from a concentration camp, so i am hyper-alert for injustice, i suppose. and i am not afraid to open my mouth and point it out. loudly, if need be. and in the role of devil’s advocate, my friend pointed out that i would then be restricting someone else’s right to speech. i think if we went back to the original intent of the rights, then it wasn’t meant to be a free-for-all, in-your-face, neener neener thing. it simply was the right to speak, even if it meant disagreeing with the mayor, governor, congressman, president, etc, and not face prison (or having to eat some sort of boiled English cooking). it is complicated at best, but Charlie, thank goodness there are people like you, and me, and Lorraine, and Sue that know rights from wrongs, and can monitor the classroom in our particular hallway. In a climate where everyone is being oh-so-careful to be PC and no child is a loser, it seems that we’ve made room for haters to get comfy in an inclusive mindset. sometimes, wrong is just wrong, and the cancer needs to be cut out.

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