Life….fast or slow?

I am back at the beach and yes sleeping in yet another bed. This time at beach I am sleeping in the master bedroom. Mom is at home and has a couple weeks recovery left before she can venture out of Maryland. She is doing great but she misses the beach and is feeling slightly claustrophobic in her apartment. I think this is the longest….since she was born…. she has ever stayed in one place. 

Life is interesting I am watching/participating in one person's life slowing down and another person's life accelerating. 

I am the beach because Megan is competing in a National Dance competition in Ocean City, Maryland. This is her third time since she was 9( I think that is the correct age) she has competed in a summer national dance competition.

IMG_4503Here is Megan at Myrtle beach South Carolina.
P1000177Here is Megan at Virginia Beach, Virginia.
P1000177I cannot wrap my head round the fact that Megan will be a senior in high school this fall. That age old question keeps bouncing around my brain, "How did she grow up so fast?"and "How did she get so tall?".

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