Life with Mom

Scan0023I have decided that hospitals zap all the fun right out of me. If I had dared taken any photos of Mom today she would have killed me. So I thought I would share this photo of Mom before I was born.
Scan0023Ok I cheated and took a half picture.Only because this has been my view for the past 2 days. She is doing great…she was walking today…with a walker but still up and out of bed. I know she would not agree. At the moments all her worries have been for not. Yesterday she was very concerned about her blood sugar, blood clots and her temperature. She was convinced she was going to go into a diabetic coma(she is not diabetic) , develop blood clots(she really isn't a candidate), and if those 2 things didn't do her in well the infection would( she has no infections). Other than her hip, which is now new, she is an amazing healthy woman. Here is she is one month ago.

I know she will be up and running by the end of summer. This is not her time frame she thought she would be up today showering, dressing in clean pajamas, and doing her makeup. Thank god I convinced her not to pack her blow dryer. (No shower for at least a week.).

But she has received some lovely flowers. 

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