Dance Flats

Megans's dance recital is today. If you have ever had a child involved in the dnace world than you know a great deal of parental involvement is required. I had the brilliant idea of accepting the offer to the paint flats to be used on stage during the recital. I agreed to this offer before Maggie got sick and knowing about an art show I had to submit three pieces to. So I had planned to start painting prior to my week up North. Oh best laid plans of mice and men……. IMG_4172Thank God Pat had this past week off. He is in between school being out for summer and starting to take classes at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore Campus). If it was not for him I(rather we) never would of finished these. 

IMG_4172I think Pat would like to remind everyone, "be careful what your spouse volunteers for and remind him/her constantly it is ok to say no!" Now I must hop in the shower because Pat and I are in charge of the door during the recital. I know, I know…PAt needs a vacation……I don't mean from me.

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1 Response to Dance Flats

  1. Kelley says:

    So fun! My daughter danced for many years and oh-how-I-remember the recital rush! I never volunteered for anything THIS ambitious though! Hat’s off to you my friend!!!!!

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