More Squam

Zoey," I am smoking my psychiatrist's pipe and pondering Susan's mood. I feel she needs an extended stay at Squam. Her reentry back into everyday life has been difficult on the rest of us in the house."IMG_3861Oh truth be told I do miss Squam. I miss the beauty of the lake and the woods.
IMG_3861But what I miss even more are the people. I am amazed at Squam's (I am guessing Elizabeth's) ability to put complete strangers in a cabin with no insulation and limited bathrooms and they instantly are bff.

This time at Squam I enjoyed communal knitting. Pat believes our mantra was "knit, purl, sip."

IMG_4095I do admit to some crabbiness since returning but I had to complete three flats for Megan's dance recital this weekend. Two are completed and one more to go. I used to love  painting big but these flats have been a struggle. I will start the final one tomorrow….I better since I need to get them to the theatre tomorrow night. (Note:this is all volunteer work including materials). So for tonight I am going to snuggle on the sofa with Lucky watch Madmen and repeat Pat's mantra…………….. Knit, Purl, Sip.



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  1. Learn to say this word: “NO”

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