She’s back….

IMG_4163Lucky, " I am here to warn that all you will hear about for the next week is Squam . I did this at Squam, I met this person at Squam, I ate this at Squam, blah, blah , blah. It has become a Squamfest here at home. Thank goodness some members of this house are normal."
IMG_4163My adventures last week started with Mary. I spent tuesday night at her house in Gloucester, Mass. Thank you Mary for your amazing hospitality and introducing me to your husband, dogs, and cat.(I will write an entire blog on Mary's cat Frank).

Lucky, "What you are going to replace me with a cat?"

No lucky you are not being replace by a cat. Plus this cat would kick you wimpy but.

Lucky, "I'm still ignoring you."
IMG_4163This was my official tour mobile.
IMG_4163My adventures at Squam started with receiving my Squam bag filled with goodies and getting my cabin assignment.
IMG_4163I could write for hours so many stories to share. But, heavy sigh, I need to finish(actual start) painting 4 flats 4'x8' for Megan's dance recital. Thank God its raining and I'm not tempted to work in the garden. I am praying the ideas circling in my head will actually look good on these boards.

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  1. you never learn do you

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