Dog Kisses

I have been enjoying watching these puppies grow at Juniper Moon Farm . Do I want a puppy for my Birthday? Hell No!!! Do I wish I lived next store to this farm so I could receive hundreds of puppy kisses when ever I wanted? YES!!  

As you all know I love dogs. And dogs love me (yes I am a dog enabler). I thinK I come by this love for dogs honestly.

This is my Mom and my sister's dog Pepper. Pepper's sister is a spastic Airedale who this past weekend (while at the beach) woke me up at 7:15. Before comment on the time remember I at the beach so my head did not hit the pillow until 1 A.M…….I love a cold nose to my cheek when I am sound asleep.

How funny this is the only picture I have of Java. 

I know I haven't written about Maggie. I miss her terrible and to write about her now is to painful. One thing among many I miss is Maggie's kisses…..


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2 Responses to Dog Kisses

  1. LindaE says:

    for the love of all things good – do not get an american eskimo (pictured in your post here). they hide under the alias of Spitz dogs, also. the pictures look just like my Kita. they are spoiled and willful and smart and barky and bitey. yes – i love mine, but what a full time job. walk away, my friend, walk away!

  2. Susan greene says:

    Linda these puppies Maremmas ….a livestock guardian dog. Since I have no livestock to guard I will not be getting one… sad.

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