The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity here at the Greene house. Friday evening Megan participated in her 'Dance Showcase'. She looked beautiful on stage. I'm not sure I looked as composed sitting in the audience for 3 hours. My Mom kept committing how much shorter this event would be if we didn't have to watch so many solos and then in a slightly louder voice she said and that is the 3'rd tap solo we have seen that girl perform one would have been plenty. But Mom was a trooper (even with me ssshing her constantly) and stayed for the entire event which thrilled Megan.

2d3dea2690e311e19dc71231380fe523_6I just found this picture when Megan was 10, she is now 17.
Saturday morning was back to the vet with Maggie. We know are days with her are numbered but we wanted to make sure she is comfortable.

Saturday afternoon I attended a lovely bridal shower. Yes we played games and I found a game I enjoyed. Ok truth be told I enjoyed watching and talking photos. Who wouldn't enjoy watching your neighbors become obsessed making ad ress out of toilet paper.

IMG_3583Last night was Megan's Prom.

I borrowed one of the girls shoes thinking I would finally be taller than Megan in a photo. Oh well no such luck.

Now I must make a second pot of coffee and try to motivate myself to get outside and work in my gardens and throw a few rocks for Lucky.

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One Response to Whirlwind

  1. LindaE says:

    gorgeous! was that Mary making the TP dress?

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