Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

IMG_3489Lucky, " What is going on around here?"

Maggie," I'm not sure but they are a little crazy. Ha Ha look at Megan yesterday."

Lucky, " Sure you go ahead and laugh you didn't end up under a heap of stuffed animals. How embarrassing."

Maggie, "Oops sorry Lucky but this is funny. Instead of Where's Waldo we can play Where's Lucky."

Lucky," Nope noo way I am not amused.  Look Maggie she has found two more dogs to torment with her endless photographs."

Maggie, " Who are they? Are they moving in? I hope not because the little, I mean short, one appears to have some sharing issues."

Lucky, " They live the down the street and Susan is dog sitting. Oh if only I could train Zoey to be so submissive."

Zoey, "No (insert bad word) way Lucky. "

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