My funky bathroom

DSC_0008Maggie, "I know my eyes look closed but I can see you standing there with that camera. Yes I know it's afternoon and Megan and I are sleeping the day away. Have you looked outside? It is raining and not just a light soft rain. But a pouring get soaked in seconds rain. So I can think of no place better to be than this bed. Why don't you find someone or something else to photograph."
DSC_0008I was going to de clutter my studio but the task proved to daunting so I moved to the bathroom. I love my bathroom and all the fun items we have added. For example Pats medicine cabinet which I found in a funky shop in Baltimore, HouseWerks .

Zoey, "Wow I didn't know what that chair looked like. Usually it is piled high with clothes. Someone has been working very hard today."

DSC_0008This is my favorite part. All my favorite jewelry pieces displayed for me to see.
Lucky, "How much jewelry should one girl own? I wonder if I could borrow a piece. I think one of those necklaces would make a lovely collar. Did I tell you the last collar Susan bought me was meant for a cat. How embarrassing me Lucky a Jack Russell wearing a cat collar. Mortified I tell you…I was mortified."

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