Sectional search

I am not one who gives much thought to astrology but when it come to my schizophrenic tastes  I  completely blame this character flaw/strength 100% on the fact that I am a Gemini.  Here is a perfect example this morning I was reading 2 of my favorite  house blogs Zero waste home and Young house love . Both blogs are worth checking out. I have been trying to follow some of the suggestions from Bea author of Zero waste home to reduce the amount of waste my house makes. I know I will never be able to live as efficiently as Bea's family does. To do so would mean I would have to be methodical, systematic, streamlined, and orderly. I don't think these are characteristics of a Gemini. I love the dyi projects presented in Young House Love and the writing style is engaging makes you feel like one of the family.

Today my house project is going to be to search for a smallish sectional for here. No I am not getting rid of this chair. I have two possibilities for its new home.


The reason for this change is because this one doesn't want to lie on the floor. (I am refering to the person not the dog). 


So wish me luck I am headed to Costco. 

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