My day


My day



My day started with my Hipstamic app. and a photo opportunity for Lucky. My day



My day



Lucky, "Thank God Kathleen called and got Susan out of the house to go for a walk. God only knows how many pictures she would have taken. I swear Pat I could bite you for trading iphones with her."My day



This afternoon I taught a yoga class. At some point in the near future I would like to teach back to back yoga classes.My dayLucky,"I don't care about yoga classes. I have other issues. I'm so confused how and when did this chair get here?

Maggie,"Zoey what are Lucky and Susan confused about? I was only half listening."                                 "Zoey, "I'm not really sure. Something about back to back yoga classes with a chair."
Lucky,"I hate when you guys don't pay attention and then make shit up. Plus I worked it out on my own without anybodies stupid comments. She is trying to figure out the best furniture arrangement for this room. I think she wants a sectional.".                        Zoey, "Oh Maggie she wants to divide yoga into sections and not use a chair."                                  Lucky, "Zoey I am not acknowledging you because I truly believe no one is that unintelligent."                   Zoey,"Haaa…Haa…Haa…"

This room needs help. We need more seating when we are all in here watching telivision or just hanging out. I am thinking about a small sectional. 


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One Response to My day

  1. LindaE says:

    ok – i’m coming there to shop with you…although we both know you have amazing taste & design swerve. re back to back yoga classes…you go girl! I’ll have a glass of wine and hot packs waiting!

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