Zoey, " Hello is any one listening to me or are you to busy playing with your phones? I'm tired of being ignored. Megan do you still love me? How can you not pay attention to such a cute face. Ok fine I will take a nap."Listen

Wow is tomorrow Friday already? Once againg another week rushes past. I feel the theme around the house this week has been  LISTEN. I taught three drastically different yoga classes. Tuesday I co-taught ten kids, kindergarten through 8'th grade, at a Montessori school, Wednesday I taught 20 teachers and staff at a middle school, and today I taught twelve female students at a local college. Each group was unique and required different teaching methods from me. The kids are so friendly and funny. The teachers and staff are so open to the new experience of yoga. The college students appeared so grateful to have a break from their classes but also wanted a more challenging yoga class. With each group I tried to pay attention and listen to see what I could learn. The main thing I learned this week was/is how unique each and every person is and how everyone person brings their own gifts to the yoga studio (classroom). Finally a made some art based on the theme LISTEN.



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1 Response to Listen

  1. LindaE says:

    I love your artwork! and the wall in the puppy’s room – amazing! come do my house!!

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