Ok don't laugh but for me going jogging at 8:30 in the morning is a miracle.




 Okay I ran with two gazelles today. They are in the above picture can you see them? I don't run I jog. Just call me a turtle or should I say tortoise but then I would have to change the before mentioned friends from gazelle to hare. Oh thats right if they are hares and I am the tortoise I would win the the race. Ha Ha but truth be told I am just a jogger who never enters a race.

Thankfully I survived and made it to my road home because this afternoon I was teaching yoga to teachers and staff at a local middle school. Now tonight I was going to paint but I am just to tired. So I am relaxing watching Glee since I wasn't able to watch last night.


Lucky, "Oh my God I am turning my back on this boring blog post. Susan no more morning jogging if this is what you are going to become…..Yawn!"


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