Crazy Fools

Zoey, " I am not sure what is going on around this house. I live with some crazy fools. Susan got Pat to practice yoga yesterday morning. Yes you heard me correctly. They were up and out of this house by 8:30 Saturday morning. Then Susan went back to yoga yesterday afternoon and this morning she went jogging. Lucky why are they being so active?"

Lucky, "I have no idea but not sure I like this responsible lifestyle. It is January we should be hanging out in front of a fire watching movies. Look Zoey  I think she is human after all….. Oh wait I did hear her say she has to go yoga this afternoon. Nope she is full blown crazy. "

Maggie, "Wow you both are being very judgemental today. I think Susan has been very productive. She made bracelets yesterday and worked on these collages today. What have you two accomplished this weekend?"

Ha Ha.. yes lucky is correct I am going to yoga this afternoon. If I didn't have to open the studio I would be in bed taking a nap. I have a feeling I will be spending a good deal of this practice in childs pose. A quick fyi
all these photos were taken with my iphone using the CameraBag app and I am finally learning how layer photographs Adobe Photoshop Elements. 

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