Dreaming for a Studio


Lucky, "I am not making this story up. Susan said to Pat tonight if you love me you would get me a studio like the one below. What does she mean by the phrase get me? Does she want him to buy the building? Does she want him to build her a studio? Does she want him to rob a bank? What?"
Zoey, "Ok… once again Lucky I am embarrassed by your lack of reality.  Do you not understand she was being facetious? FYI if Susan got a studio outside of this house you would be locked up in the laundry room all day. "
Lucky, " Hmm well I better pay more attention around here. Ok Maggie, project 'keep Susan at home starts now'."
Maggie, "What is going on is Susan moving out?"
Lucky, " Never mind go back to Maggie land."


Of course I would love the studio above. I would love any space in this building. Actually I would love to own this building and live in it. But today  I was visiting a friend of mine  who has a studio here. Her space is  amazing and she is endlessly creative. Look at these fun mobiles she made.




I came home and dreamed about my own studio space. I did some painting but most important (to me) I finished knitting my shawl. Yes I made this.


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4 Responses to Dreaming for a Studio

  1. Linda says:

    I WANT A SHAWL!!! That is amazing!!

  2. kathy says:

    Ahhh… to have a studio space like that.
    High ceilings and so much room!
    Love the shawl too.

  3. Barb says:

    Beautiful shawl-hooray! Now you are a bona fide Textile/Spring Squam person! I like your friend’s paintings

  4. Fab shawl!! You did such a great job, was it hard? I need to knit something other than scarves……
    And I soooo wanna come visit (can I invite myself) to hang out with you and your lovable critters.

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