New iPhone


Photo copy

Look at these photos taken with the new iphone. Pat got the new iphone yesterday…the iphone 5 something that talks…Non of that matters to me. What does matter is it has an 8 pixel camera!!! OMG the photos are night and day compared to my iphone which I bought less than a year ago and has a 5 pixel camera. He did mention maybe we could switch phones because he doesn't care about the camera. OH OH (yes make the sound the sound a 2nd grader makes while waiving her/his hand wildly to answer a question that will win her/him a piece of candy)I am so excited but trying not to show it. I did say, "Wow that would be great but I know you like the talking feature and it has been years since you have had a new phone.(long pause) but you do have an ipad." HA HA…he knows I am chopping at the bit for his phone. But I also know he is thinking," shit she will be taking even more photographs. I can't even cook breakfast without a few photos. But it does show what an amazing husband I am to be cooking breakfast on Saturday morning."

Photo copy


Photo copy


Yikes I am supposed to be cleaning up the kitchen not typing away on this blog. I want to keep Pat very happy…at least until that phone is mine.

On a side note I am over halfway through my 21 day yoga challenge and although a little sore on my right side I feel great. I am also two weeks in to Misty Mawn's Open studio on line class. It just so happened that both opportunities where offered at the same time and I am so grateful. Art and yoga are wonderful compliments of each other. 

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2 Responses to New iPhone

  1. Mary Beth says:

    wow, those *are* really nice pics. I think I need the new one too 🙂

  2. Diane says:

    Wow! That looks like a really nice husband too!

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