Lucky’s world

Jan 6, 2012
Lucky," Have you seen this horrible collar I have to wear? Why am I on permanent probation? I look like a hardened criminal."

Jan 6, 2012
Zoey, "What? Are you thinking that collar is the same thing as an ankle bracelet that holds a person accountable to ones parole officer?

Lucky, "Well dahhh…..I'm just confused. What laws did I break?"

Zoey, "First law broken is you love to play dumb. Before I get to the second law you have broken let me remind you that collar is to keep you from running away and chasing cars. Remember you got hit by a car once and surprise you lived."

Jan 6, 2012
Lucky, "Oh yes I remember now. Sometimes I just forget I am cat and I have nine lives."

Jan 6, 2012
Zoey, "Ok broken law #2 dogs never think they are cats. I hate to break this to you Lucky but you are dog. You were born a dog, grew up  a dog and you are still a dog."

Jan 6, 2012
Lucky, "GRRR, leave me to my own stories. I hate your version of life."

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