Amazon arrived

Zoey you are wrong the holidays are not over. I returned from yoga (yes I made it back to my mat) to find this waiting for me.

I had to hold myself back from ripping open the Amazon box, making a pot of coffee and head to this room for the rest of the day. I am in desperate need to snuggle up with a good book for a few days. In my case the chosen and highly recommended book is The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.IMG_2725But instead I am drinking coffee and getting ready to head back out to co-teach a kids yoga class. Since today was the first day back to school after Christmas break I feel the kids are going to be exhausted and not much in the mood for yoga. But I may be pleasantly surprised.

I am also excited to play with these hand made papers from India that I bought yesterday. I love the colors.

Ok I must run and find some warmer clothes before heading out the door. It is freezing here today.

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One Response to Amazon arrived

  1. Linda says:

    oy – finally sending you books tomorrow! the rest will follow soon-ish. LOVE the paper!!

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