Christmas Crafts

DSC_0016Lucky, " From this vantage point I can watch Susan as she creates her strange Christmas projects ."

Maggie,"Lucky I think it's great that Susan makes stuff for the holidays. What are you making? Why do you think its strange?"

Lucky," I don't think its strange she makes stuff I think some of the stuff she makes is strange. Did you see the pine cone tree? And dog don't do crafts."

Maggie, "A pine cone tree…..really? I thought it was something for the birds. What dogs aren't allowed to make crafts? I am so sad."

Lucky, "And have you seen her Christmas idea book? Maybe we should hide it."

Maggie," A Christmas idea book….what a wonderful idea. I think I will read it in bed tonight."

Lucky," No,No No…..dogs do not make Christmas crafts. Maggie you are going to ruin everything."


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