Dec 1, 2011

Maggie," Warning, Warning….ohh someone is in horrible mood. She is ranting  and raving about whata pain in the ass typepad is and she is sick and tired of her blog posts  freezing up and being lost. Ok I am trying to stop this mood from getting worse. I want to know what you are grateful for today? I know crabby girl is grateful for the art she made today."

DSC_0007 2
DSC_0007 2
Lucky, " I am grateful for this beautiful day and all the wonderful sun rays. Maggie did you really call her 'crabby girl'?

Zoey, " I am also grateful for this glorious day. But I am wondering what cloud Maggie's head is in?  Lucky what is that strange look on your face….maybe you are 'crabby girl'?

Dec 1, 2011l

Lucky, " FYI I am not a she I am a HE and don't forget it. I was a little annoyed when my sunning was interrupted by spray paint fumes. I did find that inconsiderate."

Maggie," What fumes? I don't smell anything."

Zoey, "I rest my case……her head is not in the clouds but filled with fumes."

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1 Response to Sunning

  1. I am in love with all your critters 🙂
    And you made some nice art!!! Yay for you!!!

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