Someone’s Birthday

DSC_0009Lucky,"A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Sorry it has been a very busy week and I am to tired to think. I just need a nap and as you can see so does Megan.She has worked very hard playing just dance3 and shopping."
DSC_0009Maggie, " Hello, Hello Megan are you awake? Maybe if I just stare at her she will wake up. I will use my mental telepathy."

Lucky, "OMG will you just leave us alone. Please if your are going to be up here you need to stop talking and sleep. Don't even pretend you know how to use mental telepathy."

DSC_0005Maggie (whispering), "Pleeaasseee waaaaake uuuup. "

Lucky," Why are whispering in such a weird voice you sound like an alien from outer space?

Maggie," I told you I am using metal telepathy."

Lucky, "You really are from the planet 'Urstupid'."

Maggie, "Nooo I aaammmm Frooom the GReeeene houssssse."
Megan, "STOP! Will you both stop your incessant bickering. How is a girl supposed to get her beauty rest?

Maggie, " YAY my powers worked. Hi Megan I am so glad you are awake. I have some really big news to share."

Lucky, "This should be good."

DSC_0042Maggie, "Today is PJ's birthday and he is 21. I think that is very big news.!"

Lucky, " Wow that is big news and I am surprised you remembered. I guess all those alien powers helped."

Maggie, "I know I am smarter than the average bear."

Lucky, "Dog…you are a dog. I think?"

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