Lazy lazy day

This was yesterdays project. I cleaned, organized and de-cluttered the library. Today's projects including laundry, leaf raking and wood stacking. 





I think I just have a bad bad case of the lazies. I know I should be outside raking leaves and stacking wood.


Instead I am Christmas shopping on line. Maybe I should put down this computer and pick up my knitting. As you can tell I am avoiding any and all manual labor chores. Plus I am obsessed with a form of knitting called domino, modular, or mathematical knitting. I have been researching Horst Schulz and Vivian Hoxbro. I love the details in their patterns and all the vibrant colors both Horst and Vivian use.


I think I may join Zoey on the stairs.


Zoey, "No you are not joining me and as soon as I finish meditating I am going to bite your lazy ass and  make you go outside and work.."

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One Response to Lazy lazy day

  1. linda says:

    manual labor…blah! go knit!

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