Away we go

DSC_0017Zoey…… Pat and I are heading out of town for the weekend. I need you to help around the house and make sure everyone behaves. Can you do that?
DSC_0017Zoey, "Duh…..I am not blind I can see the suitcases. Do you have to act so happy about leaving?….(heavy Sigh) I just hope you return. It would be shame full to run away and not come back."

Ha Ha no such luck. We will be returning on Sunday. I forget to share some of the homecoming photos from last weekend. So here they are. I did try to get a photo of Allison but she adamantly refused.

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One Response to Away we go

  1. Barb says:

    Your boys are so handsome! And Megan so pretty! They’re looking like young adults. And, well, Zoey…she needs a little help with all that gray, just sayin’

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