The Matriarch

DSC_0074Maggie, " I knew it!!!They love me best.!"

Lucky, " Who is they? Oh I know Peggy and Linda. Well  at least Diane realized how much I contribute to this house. Oh Maggie come quick Zoey is in trouble"

DSC_0074Zoey, " It was not me. I'm sure it was Susan. She probable thought a glass of scotch would her help knitting. Fyi….she still had to rip out her last project."

Zoey, " Look at me do I look like a dog who drinks? I am the matriarch of this house not a lush."

Maggie, " Ahh sorry matri…whatever you called yourself. We(me and Lucky) caught you red handed trying to get out the front door with the bottle."
Zoey, " OH the shame, the shame. I didn't drink much. Honestly what's a dog to do? Maggie and Lucky are always getting all the attention. Oh I am just so sad."

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