Painting week ahead

I am headed here to BonSecour today. I am attending a workshop taught be Skip Lawrence . I am thrilled to be painting for a week but also a bit apprehensive. Painting 8 hours a day 5 days in a row in a group setting is fun but is also challenging. I am surprised all the mental chatter that becomes a dull roar in my head and needs to be silenced/let go for example.

1. OMG these are real artists I shouldn't be here.

2. I didn't bring the correct supplies!

3. My work looks like sh** I should burn it.

4. If I don't paint the right thing my painting will be awful.

and the thoughts continue to rant and rage in my head. Hopefully to keep myself grounded and not get to crazy I will jog and do some yoga. The grounds of BonSecour appear beautiful and provide opportunities to enjoy nature and for me to get out of my head. These are the pieces I painted the last workshop I took with skip.

Now I am off to teach a gentle yoga class and then home to finish packing.

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