Not running…

Maggie, "Lucky, Zoey where is Susan did she go running?"

DSC_0027Zoey, " Ha…Ha. Maggie check inside. I think she is sitting in her favorite chair drinking a glass of wine. She does have running shoes on so maybe tonight is mental jogging."
DSC_0027Lucky, " I heard her say something about her arm hurting her because of her flu shot……I wonder how she is lifting that wine glass?"

 Zoey, " Lucky if that rock was any bigger it would bite you."

Lucky, " I know where the rock is…thank you very much. But I think there may be a live animal close.."

DSC_0020Zoey, " OMG I bet its a chipmunk. Ok I will stay in my hiding place let me know when you see one."
Maggie," Chipmunk? Did someone say chipmunk? I'm coming."

Lucky & Zoey, " Maggie stay away we don't need you yet. Plus we thought her were looking for Susan? Maybe you should post the painting  she finished today."

Maggie," Ok but my feelings get hurt when you guys ignore me. Here is the painting she spent most of the afternoon working on and yes once again I was left out/ignored……Did Susan think I was going to do the laundry?"


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