Lucky, "Did you here what C said today? He was worried that I was not getting enough attention."

DSC_0004Oh I am so pleased that part of my studio is organized and I have room to paint. I am excited to fix this painting tomorrow.
IMG_1885Lucky," What are you doing? Noone cares about you studio or that you are going to "fix" the dolphin. What are going to do turn him into an otter? Really you are so odd. Now… attention!!! This post is about me and how I am not getting enough attention."
IMG_1885Yup I am ignoring that little dog. He is jealous because my studio has been my priority for the past few days. I guess it's hard pill to swallow if you are a Jack Russell. 

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One Response to Attention

  1. This is C talking and poor Lucky is correct, he is NOT getting enough attention. He is clearly being starved for it, ignored, poor thing. I am going to have to come out there more often. HANG ON LUCKY!

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