Rain rain go away we are in desperate need of sun.
IMG_1629Lucky,"Well what is the point of getting down of this trunk because there is no way I am going back outside. Truthfully all that mud is destroying my feet."
IMG_1629Maggie, "I think I have SED,"
Zoey, " Oh Maggie do I dare correct you? I think you mean SAD which stands for Seasonal affective disorder. But I am thinking SED is more appropriate…..Self-induced emotional disorder."

IMG_1194Maggie, "Lucky you are turning into a roue who cares about your feet and Zoey that was an impertinent question which I refuse to answer."

IMG_1491Lucky, " Ok Maggie what's with all the big words? Did you take your smart pills today or have you been playing way to much Scrabble with Carol (Nannee)"

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