She’s back…

DSC_0205Zoey, "Yes she has returned from the woods of New Hampshire. I must warn you dear readers all she is talking about is SAW . "
Maggie, "Oh what a beautiful morning,Oh what a beautiful day,I've got a wonderful feeling, Everythings going my way."

Lucky, " WT… are you really singing a song from Oklahoma? OMG!! you are embarrassing me more and more and every day.

Yes I am back. All I can say is from the sun rising until the moon rose….. ever moment spent at Squam 2011 was perfect. 

DSC_0029I have so many wonderful pictures and stories to share but I am decompressing after my incredible week in the woods. So more later. Plus a few critters need attention…

Zoey, Maggie & Lucky, "Just ignore us we are used to you being gone."

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