Dog Issues

DSC_0016Zoey, " What a great, wonderful, fantastic life I have. I am enjoying my extra leisure time with the house being quiet and all the windows opened. Just perfect napping days."

Maggie,"Ok "bliss is ignorant Zoey" are you doing that denial thing?"

Zoey," Ignorant is bliss… fool. No I am not in denial I am just not sure people really care about Lucky's issues. "

Lucky," Issues, who has issues? Zoey are you picking on Maggie again?"

Maggie & Zoey, " OMG are you back in the closet? What is wrong with you?"

DSC_0021Lucky, " There is nothing wrong with sleeping in closets. 

Zoey, " You are sleeping on a vinyl pocketbook. Looks realy comfy. Plus you are constantly getting locked in the closet because noone knows you are there. Maggie feels it is time you face your fears and talk to some one about all your anxietys."

Lucky, " Wua Wua WuaWah Wuuuuua wua."

DSC_0012Maggie, " You where right Zoey,'Foolishness is bliss'I am going back to sleep."

Zoey, "ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss. Please maggie stop messing up my quotes or it is going to be your turn in the closet."

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