Dog Swap

Lucky, " I thought you all might be interested in a Greene house update. Someone, not to mention any names, is still up to her crazy projects.The odd project of the day….just check out the photo below.Who wakes up and thinks today I am going to organize the socks and does/starts it? Really she has gone off the deep end.

Just look at this collection of books she is reading. Two yoga books and some spiritual book. Im sure she heard these mentioned on Oprah radio or NPR. See what happens when you spend to much time in your car.

IMG_1192And she has worn Pat out. Thank goodness he has Maggie and me to protect him. Well not sure Maggie is capable of protecting anybody. But she can bark and I am not sure if that is a good thing.
IMG_1178Now I am praying she changes her clothes. Megan just commented ,'Mom that is the worst outfit ever!'. 

IMG_1190 Really I wonder if other dogs have to put up with all this craziness. Maybe there could be a new reality show called, 'Dog Swap'. "

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