Why do I wait until late in the day to write on this blog? After jogging this morning and yoga this afternoon I am exhausted. I also started painting a piece of furniture. I don't know what possessed me as I haven't painted a piece of anything in years. Maybe a clean garage was my motivation.

DSC_0009Oh look my shed is also clean and I think it looks marvelous. I love when my house is organized and yes I drive everyone around my nuts with my obsession for no clutter. Later I will admit to some of the odd things I have collected and had forgotten about. Is there a fine line between obsessive organization and hoarding?

DSC_0005Now all I want to do is watch the season 4 of Madmen on Netflix in my favorite chair which I doubt my daughter will relinquish to me. She does look comfy.

 DSC_0012Ok maybe I could snag this chair. I know I don't think he is moving anytime soon.

DSC_0018I guess my only choice is to join the dogs.
Lucky, "She isn't going to lay on the floor with us. She will make someone move."

Maggie, " Now I'm sad. I really thought she was going to join us. Lucky you ruin everything."

Lucky, "Maggie are you really crying? OMG you are embarrassing me. Plus you never stay on floor go…jump in allison's lap like you always do and get over yourself."

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