Maintenance continues….

I left you with this photo….

DSC_0021And now this room has a slightly new look. The bed was removed and the desk from the garage was brought upstairs. (Yes the mattress is sitting in hall outside this room. We don't know what to do with it.)
Another small project that I am thrilled to have done was changing the fan in our bedroom. For some reason years ago I chose this modern fan and I have never liked it….Yuck!

DSC_0003I love this new fan and didn't realize the old fan was loud until I turned this fan on and I didn't hear a sound.
DSC_0003The clean up continues. Now I am trying to clean out the shed. I am embarrassed by this pile of enamelware. My collection of rustic garden/outdoor sh#% is well strange.

IMG_1142Softball anyone?


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One Response to Maintenance continues….

  1. LindaE says:

    the line may be thin, but hoarders hoard everything, and artists keep interesting things in case they can use them in a project someday. like those softballs…i can think of at least 2 quick projects using them. so they aren’t clutter – they’re art supplies. 🙂

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