Crazy beach life

I am supposed to be jogging and then I need to start dinner. But after the day on the beach I have a headache from the sun and I feel typing a blog post is the best thing to do. 

Lucky, " While she is frolicking on the beach we are left here at the house bored to death. Just look at Zoey in the back of this picture….yup the perfect dead pose."

Zoey, " I hate to surprise you Lucky but I am not dead. Oh I thought I better warn you prima donna got her hair cut today.(P.S.Leave Susan alone she needs to be out of this house and away from all its craziness )

Maggie, " Yes warn people how beautiful I am. Maybe a better description would be absolutely stunning."

Lucky, " OMG I feel sick. Nothing is worse than an arrogant dog. And second to the dog is some of the human interactions I have witnessed this week. Really people you are a bunch of lunatics."

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