My friends think they are so funny. I emailed a few of these so called friends the following……

Would anyone be interested in doing this with me.  "3rd Annual Women’s Triathlon Save the date of Sunday, September 25th for the 3rd Annual Women’s Triathlon. The event features a 300 yard pool swim, a 10 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Registration is now underway for this popular women’s only sprint triathlon. Event will begin at 7:00am. Overall and age group awards will be awarded after the race. Packet pick-up will be available Saturday, September 24th from 12-5 or on race day beginning at 5:30 am. "

Here are the replies….

1. Let me think about it…uh, no! Ha! Besides it’s on my Birthday!


(Well Mary you seem to be celebrating your birthday a little early don't you think?)

2. Sounds like fun (lol) …I could train for next year and do the 4th annual triathlon! Too hot to even think about it right now. Is there any relay or do we have to do it all…I am serious about next year if anyone else would like to think about that..Did she say that we actually had to be proficient in any of the 3…I offered to train but I can only doggie paddle, jog, and sometimes ride a bike while walking it up hills….


(Ok Carol I will leave you to lounge at the beach and if I do the race this year there is no way in hell I will do it again.)

3. That's so nice that you thought of asking me but I'm sorry to say I fell off the sofa from laughing so hard and broke my funny bone so I will have to drop out of the race!!  Love you for thinking of me and giving me a laugh though!!!  

Lisap.( Lisa, if you do the race the bunny is yours.)

4. Thanks for the invite but I feel the flu coming on for that day….Like Lisa, I'll support you all the way!


( Sue are you showing us how we will feel/look after the race as a means to discourage any thoughts of participating in this event.)

5. Can’t swim a lick……glub, glub. 


(Laurie, You are just a big chicken. I have been swimming with you in the ocean since we were 16 and now you are scared of a swimming pool.) 

6. Carol …. That's me too! Although I can get by pretty well in the pool —- with my kickboard!!!

Jodi(Jodi I can see how swimming would ruin your lovely hair style, even a kick board won't keep your hair dry.)

 Now girls don't you wish you had replied, "Yes i would love to participate with you in this mini triathlon." ?


Maggie, " Now do you see why I have suggested that her camera "disappear". Really she can not be trusted."




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