I just sat down to watch tv with Megan and Justin and I was treated to watching a new show called Extreme Coupons on TLC. I'm not sure how to comment except to say "Really people really buy all this stuff and they don't need it ?". Now Im told we are going to watch the movie Cyberbully on ABC family. My children are definitely widening my view of the world well ok the television world. But wait its not just my children but my brilliant, funny, and charming friend  Charlie introduced me to Big Brother this past week and yes I know Big Brother is starting season 14 and I have never watched it. After one show I don't think I will watch it again. I need not worry because Charlie will not miss an episode and I will just ask him what has happened.

I admit I have actually enjoyed these shows for the simple fact that they are amusing and well distracting. I know I am not above ocd type behavior ( but nothing, no way to the extreme I saw on the coupons show). I cannot end this post without sharing my latest garden photos….ok I know my garden is my obsession, 


(and Twitter, Facebook, Klout and Animoto).

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One Response to Obsessions

  1. Haha…I watched it again tonight, and followed up with multiple episodes of THE GLEE PROJECT, during which I cried at least once every episode. Yes, I am easily moved. I embrace that and admit it – nay, I CROW about it. Think I’ll write a blog about it!

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