Garden work…

Today I am attemptimg to get motivated for some yard projects. It is difficult to see the ugly half dead junipers behind this gorgeous pine tree that I am forgetting the name at the moment (yes I am having many of these moments through out the day).


DSC_0008I am so excited the junipers are gone. Pat is thrilled to have me directing and taking photos.
DSC_0008Ha..ha look he has a helper. This is a "Where's Lucky?" photo.
DSC_0008Thank god the inspectors arrived to give Pat the ok so he can continue to work. The decision  is to plant pachysandra on the hill directly below Zoey but first we will put down a burlap to help with erosion. Yes I will help tomorrow.
DSC_0014My latest garden question. "Since when do deer eat Coleus?" I thought this was a deer resistant plant but has you can see by the photo I am wrong.

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