DSC_0006  These past several days a dear friend of mine has me obsessed with social media and KLOUT . Please feel free to check Charlie out on Facebook and from here you can befriend him and join him on Twitter all which will help raise his Klout score. Actually Charlie is a writer and his social media standing may help him with future endeavors. 

 What I found ironic is that this score has no effect on my day to day life. I am a Mom, artist and yoga instructor. So why in the world would I worry about a Klout score or my ratings in social media (Facebook, twitter etc.) Why do I spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter? I keep hearing from friends the mention of free stuff, but really what am I tweeting about that would turn into free stuff? Oh sad truth is I am in it for the game. (Google "gaming Klout"). Plus it is a great diversion from my studio, making art, or gardening.

I have been paying some attention to my yard/garden…. my flowers are blooming. So hopefully my studio will start producing…..I know I have to be involved.


For yet another diversion please enjoy the latest video from the Cody & Charlie Show …..

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One Response to Klout

  1. You are the best Agent/Manager EVER! And all for ten percent of nothing!

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