Maggie, " I am warning you… I have a feeling this blog is going to nothing but a post bi%^&ing about the hot weather. Yeah I know its hot but all your complaining is not making it cooler. Do what comes naturally to us dogs…nap"


Lucky,"Maggie you are just bitter because I got all the attention today. Yes we had our own photo-booth moment…..Zoey don't I look adorable?"…..

Photo on 2011-06-08 at 15.46 #4
Photo on 2011-06-08 at 15.46 #4
Ok I admit I was and still am at a loss today. I did my normal driving kids around. Plus I had to open the yoga studio where I work and then head to the dentist. Basically a non stressful day. So why am I so lacking in motivation? I am blaming the heat (it is supposed to reach 100 today). Way to hot to work in the garden and I've been avoiding my studio for so long I don't know where to start. So I grabbed the dog and my computer. When all motivational efforts fail take photos of your animals. (and son….sorry Justin I was not referring to you as an animal).

IMG_0454Zoey, " Sorry Lucky Im having my own individual attention moment and I cant be bothered to look at you. Plus I know I am way cuter than you."


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