DSC_0008My first bouquet of the season from my yard. I originally started gardening so I could have fresh flowers in my house all summer long. I was surprised how much I loved working outside and how much I enjoyed memorizing plant names. I guess my simple want for fresh flowers has turned me into a crazy obsessed gardener.

I also found some more "old garden photos". Here is the old garden….

Oldgarden2Here is the back yard today……

Lucky, " All this yard work has worn me out. I feel the need to be on snake watch when Susan and Pat are working in the yard."

Zoey, " Get your but outside and help me and who cares about a snake. The chipmunks are back!"

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One Response to Bouquet

  1. Oh how I love your garden…and the hours of joy spent on that back deck! Thank goodness you have become obsessive about the beauty!

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