Thank You

This email made me smile today…….
Susan We have enjoyed your recent Blogs so much, your gardens, your home, kids and dogs. I particularly enjoy your narrative approach and how you weave those important things in your life into your story. The protective attitude of the dogs, especially when you encounter the neighborhood snake. The pictures of the house, yard, and the neighborhood bring some fond memories of our visits. Best of all, it's the ongoing update on the activities of you, Pat, and the Kids, your families keep us in touch. Thank you very much Susan. In closing got to say that we look forward to your updates and check you Blogs daily.

With love,
Mom and Dad

It is from my in laws not my Mom who claims not to know how to find my blog. I have threatened her with incriminating pictures if she doesn't start reading it. Actually I live close to my Mom and have the opportunity to see her a great deal more than my in laws.
These photos are for you Mom and Dad because I know you prefer pictures of the grandkids over the dogs. But I had to threaten Megan and Justin with 'no dinner' if I didn't get a decent photo. I promise a picture of P.J. tomorrow.

Now I must get dressed for a surprise birthday party…..the surprisee will be 30. We are invited because we are good friends with the parents. Everyday there is a reminder that I am not a spring chicken anymore.
Maggie,"Do you realize you posted someones's email without asking permission. Isn't that a blogging no no. Sorry Mom and Dad this slipped by me before I could stop her."

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